Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Character is as important as size

 Remember that one's journey is not just about getting physically stronger or losing's about learning to recognize the blessings in life; learning how to love...perhaps yourself for the first time....and others and allowing others to love you; about examining the thoughts and actions in your life that are preventing you from becoming the kind of person you desire to be; and about finding the joy and peace that comes from knowing that you are as worthwhile, wonderful, and beautiful today at your current weight as you will be two months from now when you weigh less.

My weight will go up and down in life....but the measuring stick by which I want others to judge me is my heart and soul for those things are way more telling than my pants size. Each day as I commit to stay strong and keep my weight in check, I also recognize that checking my attitude and motives is as...or more....important that the calorie count on the label.  A good rule.....make your words sweeter than your food!

Have a great day today......