Friday, October 24, 2014

Turn your I Can't.....into I CAN....and I will!

I think one of the keys to having peace and joy in life is to distinguish between what I can and I can’t do.  Stress, depression, unhappiness and discontentment often comes from wanting things I can’t have or trying to change things I can’t.  Today I’m choosing to be grateful that YES, I CAN do many things….and then doing what I CAN to make it a great day; to improve my own well-being by making good choices, and make a positive difference in the world by trying to be better today than yesterday.

No… I CAN’T…..make the sun shine today; but I CAN brighten up someone’s day by being cheerful and saying Hello.

No….I CAN’T…..make anyone like/love me if he/she chooses not to; but I CAN make myself more loveable by being easy to be around; speaking kindly and gently; and being as pleasant as I am capable.

No….I CAN’T…..cause time to stand still or add more hours to the day; but I CAN make the most of every opportunity; realize that today is a gift; and use time wisely.

No….I CAN’T….run walk 5 miles today; but I CAN take a few more steps today than I did yesterday.

No…..I CAN’T….make anyone lose weight, give up an addiction, change his/her behavior in any way; but I can try to motivate him/her by setting a good example; praising one’s sincere efforts; and encouraging anyone who is seeking a change.

No…..I CAN’T bring back my parents, grandparents, friends or loved ones from the dead…even for an hour…..but I CAN honor their memory by doing the things they taught me and trying to make them proud by my thoughts and actions…..AND…..I CAN make sure that those people that are in my life know I appreciate and love them.

There are many things that YOU CAN’T do…..but changing your life….is NOT one of them! You may not be able to change everything, but you can change some things.   You may be struggling to believe that you CAN…..but that’s okay for now….because I believe YOU CAN!  However……

You CAN’T lose weight…..if you continue to eat donuts and junk food day after day.  Make a different choice!

You CAN’T be sober/smoke free……if you continue to drink or smoke.  Dump it out or put the cigarette out….and quit bringing the temptation home.

You CAN’T have a happy, peaceful, loving home…..if you continue to nitpick, start arguments, allow jealousy, unforgiveness, or negativity to rule your mind and dictate your conversations.  Choose today to say, “Thank you; I’m sorry; and I forgive you” instead of “You never….You always….Why don’t you ever….You’re such a…..” and so forth. Words are powerful; use them to build up rather than tear down.

You CAN’T be content and happy…..if you focus on what you don’t have; how bad your life is; how unfair things seem.  Try to focus on your blessings and be grateful for all that you do have instead of envious or angry at those things that you don’t have.

Mostly today……when others tell you that you CAN’T change your life….. or you feel that you CAN’T possibly do whatever……lose weight; give up whatever; be free; be happy…….draw strength from your higher power who says, “ALL things are possible” and keep telling yourself that “YES….I CAN…..THERESA says I CAN…” and then…..make the choices that will change the can’t into CAN!  YOU CAN….and you will….change your life… step; one thought; one choice at a time!