Friday, October 31, 2014

A Repeat of my thoughts from Halloween 2013....from youtube

Good morning…… Happy Halloween!  Today will be day of fun for me. I am taking a friend and her children “trick-or-treating” this evening after work.  I have put together a costume…..and if I don’t change my mind…. I will be dressed as a gypsy later this evening and walking through town with Marcia and her children. As a woman of faith, I struggle with the “dark side” of Halloween, and yet, the day provides me with an opportunity to have fun and celebrate life….to rejoice, laugh, and give thanks.  Below is a Youtube video that I made LAST HALLOWEEN. While my costume will be different, many of the thoughts expressed in the RERUN still ring true for me. I’ll upload this year’s picture later this evening as I’m not planning on going to work dressed in a costume like I did last year. I’ll change into it at the end of the day….before heading out to have fun.  And….just to add to the excitement….the weather report is calling for 45 mph wind gusts and snow here in northern Michigan!  Let the good times roll……  Stay away from the candy…..but partake in the fun, laughter, and smile a lot!  You’ll be hearing from me later on today!