Friday, June 5, 2015

Strive to be better today than yesterday

Happy Friday morning!!! 

Oftentimes, when a person is on a journey to change his/her life, he/she gives up and loses heart simply because he/she seeks PERFECTION rather than PROGRESS.  One slip-up; one bad day; one splurge or occasion of weakness becomes overwhelming and causes one to give up and lose motivation.  I’ve yet to meet anyone who does it perfectly all the time.  We all have struggles. We all have days when we do better than others. We all have days when we make mistakes or don’t live up to our expectations, but only the strong…the truly motivated….the committed shakes the dust off a bad day and starts all over again….even if it’s 15 minutes after breakfast!

Keep in mind that this journey is FOR LIFE….and therefore, to expect to live it perfectly every day for the rest of your life is a bit unrealistic and could set you up for failure.  Instead, try to be better today than yesterday.  Today….I am going to try to be a better, kinder person today than yesterday. That may simply mean to stay positive for longer than yesterday; to smile at one more person than I did yesterday; to say THANK YOU to one more person today; to be a tad bit more patient today than yesterday.  Today, I am going to try to walk 10 more steps than I did yesterday (park one more row over at the grocery store or go the long way around to get to the milk). Today, I am going to use one teaspoon less Splenda in my coffee and eat one less bite of dinner.  Little things… the way we think and act….lead to progress….and progress, over time, leads to successfully reaching our goals/victory…..but I don’t think we will ever reach perfection until we draw our last  breath and meet our maker.

Now….don’t use this as an excuse not to try to be the best.  Bowling a perfect game, earning an A/100%, winning an award, hitting a home-run, getting a promotion, reaching that weight loss goal or earning a 30 day chip…..Those things are attainable….worthwhile……AWESOME……achievements of some things that we can do perfectly…..but PERFECTION in all things, well, that’s something that no human being can achieve.

What will you try to do BETTER today than you did yesterday?