Monday, June 1, 2015

Faith makes it possible

 If you intend to take a road trip via motor vehicle, train, or airplane, I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get very far without having gasoline in your tank!  While it is true that there are other forms of transportation you could take (bicycle, foot, horse, etc.), a gas-powered engine is usually the most efficient.  However, keep in mind, that having a tank full of gas DOES NOT guarantee the trip will be without hazards, the road will be smooth and clear, the vehicle will run perfectly, or other travelers will make your trip EASY, but rather; a tank of gas will only make your trip POSSIBLE.  Having a map, a well-thought out route, and good intentions are important, but FUEL is essential to get very far.  Likewise, FAITH, is important for you on your personal journey.

Certainly you could reach your goal without out faith, and having faith does not guarantee that each day will be easy and without struggle…..but IT DOES MAKE IT POSSIBLE.  Faith is the fuel that make me keep going. Faith provides me with the energy that causes me to get out of bed each morning. Faith is the gift from God that gives me strength when I am weary, clarity when I am confused, hope when I am doubtful, and the assurance that I AM NEVER ALONE on the journey.  Faith is what assures me that ALL THINGS are possible……Not easy…..not without effort…..not without struggle……but POSSIBLE.  What a gift God offers to us!

Today, I am going to consciously ask God all day to strengthen my faith and offer a prayer of gratitude that All things are possible!  Have a good start to the week…………..