Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TODAY is the day, my friends!

What are you waiting for?  It won't be any easier tomorrow....or after your vacation....or Monday morning.  I encourage you to do at least one thing today to make a positive difference in your life or in someone else's.  Take a walk.....eat only 1/2 a donut.....write a thank-you note or send a card.....call a friend.....visit a neighbor....drink an extra bottle of water.....bite your tongue when you want to lash out.....the list is endless. Changing one's life isn't always about food, or drink, or exercise (although certainly those are important choices) but mostly it's about being grateful, kind, and loving yourself and those around you.  Regardless of what is on your plate today... join me in making a conscious effort to let those things that weigh you down go...and choose gratitude over complacency, kindness over selfishness, and healthy living over comfort eating.