Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tell yourself............

Good Morning...I'm not afraid to admit that I talk to myself…..A lot!  After all, what we THINK....and what we speak.....play a big part in what we DO.  Many times throughout this journey, I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror; sometimes not recognizing the person staring back at me, and say, "GIRL...you've got this!" Other times throughout the day, I ask myself, "Theresa.....what do you want more…to eat a candy bar or cupcake or whatever or to………....(the answer  is always to WALK...and keep on being able to walk)" or "Are you REALLY hungry, or just sad, stressed, tired?" Other times I give myself a pep talk in the privacy of my car or office (or wherever) telling myself, “YES…with God’s help you CAN do….whatever it is you need/want to do” or “Just a few more steps….or the day is almost over…..or Look how far you’ve come.” Finding meaningful Scriptures to speak out loud help too. 

Sometimes I catch myself saying things out loud like, “I am SO tired” or “ Gosh, I feel awful” or other negative things, but other than validating that I really am feeling physically fatigued or not feeling well, saying it doesn’t do a darn thing to change the situation. In fact, it often just makes me feel more worn out. Likewise, words like, ‘He/she is such an idiot” or ‘Do you BELIEVE what he/she just said/did?” have no value when spoken either to someone else or in the privacy of one’s own ‘space” where no one but yourself can hear you.  Negative words allow negative thoughts to grow and almost always  lead to negative actions that reap negative results.

What we say to ourselves is as important.....well, maybe even MORE important than what we say to others.....because it impacts our behavior. Today, I encourage you to take a few minutes to speak positive words to yourself first……and then find something positive to say to those you encounter today…… and speak a good day into existence! Have a good day today.