Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Choose wisely

I'm fortunate that I am not overly tempted by candy, but for many of you, Halloween is a difficult time to stay on track. As you can tell from the calorie count below, there are some options for those of you that absolutely do not want to avoid the treats altogether, but I simply don't trust myself to even have just one. A fun-size treat has less than calories than a large if you have the will-power to eat just one, well, then go ahead and enjoy one. It's simply not worth it to me and one will lead to two and then to a dozen.

Just because we are trying to lose or maintain weight (or give up another habit) doesn't mean the rest of the world is going to go without, so we need to figure out how to let others enjoy the season and the treats that accompany it, without making them feel guilty or without feeling deprived ourselves. I purchased Halloween treats yesterday for my students. My strategy? Purchasing candy that I don't like! Another strategy i've learned is to give away the left-over candy after the holiday.

Plan ahead to be successful.....and if you plan to partake in a treat or two, then simply adjust your other food choices appropriately to account for the calories. We cannot simply stop living....changing one's life means changing one's way of thinking. Halloween and other holidays are going to continue to come whether we are on a journey or not, so we need to find ways to live....and make good choices at the same time.